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The Cyber Security Workforce of the Future

Highlights from #AFCEA Answers, hosted by Max Cacas. Guests Dr. Ron Ross from ‪#‎NIST; Pat Delaney from University of Maryland University College; and Chris May, with Carnegie Mellon University CERT Program. The program airs at 2:05pm on Federal News Radio 1500 AM in the D.C. area. Listen online, keyword AFCEA. 

Scope of the cyber security workforce problem

The challenges we face in cyber security are enormous as there is so much at stake. We must have the best and the brightest working to help solve difficult and challenging problems. We’re short of skilled folks at the federal level, but also in private industry because they are both competing…

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May 14 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

U.S. Military Embraces Robots with Greater Autonomy

David Alexander, Reuters. In what is likely the next phase of robotic vehicles, the military and industry are experimenting heavily with autonomous vehicles of varying sizes to allow delivery supplies without human guidance. While true autonomy is likely far off, it is increasingly likely that systems such as convoy vehicles, or the currently being tested Squad Mobile Support System, will see service in coming years. These systems mean there are fewer soldiers and Marines on the road and at risk, while increasing logistics capacity.

With NGEN, Navy Prepares for Move to the Future

Amber Corrin, Federal Computer Week. There are certain contracts that are…

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A Holistic Approach to Cyber Security

One of the interesting things I have observed in the development of personal computing, the development of the Internet, and the rise of our technologically connected world, is the change in our language. Particularly the written, now mostly typed, word.

The language we use is indicative of the way we think. One of the strengths of the English language is its adaptability and its specificity. It is hard to tell by listening to most of us, but the English language is one of the most precise of languages. Which makes the changes in usage and thinking all the more telling.

It appears the most common spelling of the term for…

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Cyber Security, the New Era of Collaboration

When faced with crises many organizations either fold or innovate. At yesterday’s AFCEA Bethesda monthly breakfast, the tune was collaboration and consolidation of best practices across agencies. The panel represented a cross section of agencies with different constituencies:

  • - Holly Ridgeway, Deputy CISO and Program Manager Justice Security Operations Center, Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • - Dan Galik, CISO, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and
  • - Gil Vega, Associate Chief Information Officer for Cyber Security and CISO, Department of Energy (DOE).

    Each CIO/CISO has a different directive of IT assets to protect and manage: DOJ has 42 law enforcement components across federal, regional and local jurisdictions;…

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    FY2013 Federal Information Technology Budget

    “Doing More With Less”

    Steven VanRoekel, U.S. CIO

    That’s the subtitle from the presentation “Federal Information Technology FY2013 Budget Priorities” delivered by Steven VanRoekel, U.S. CIO, at the AFCEA Bethesda Federal Budget Preview. And it’s a relevant theme as federal IT spending has flatlined the last couple years at $79 billion, after increasing at a rate of 7% per year in the early 2000s.

    The Big Winners and Losers for FY2013

    In dollar terms the biggest increases and decreases by department:

    Top 3 budget projected increases:

    1.       Treasury – business systems modernization, tax-related systems

    2.       Health and Human Services – health-care related systems…

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