Resume tips from an L-3 Communications GSES Recruiter

Christmas is over, the New Year is on the horizon….how about some resume tips? James Dyson, fomerly a recruiting manager with L-3 Communications GSES, discusses some typical problems he sees on resumes. Watch to make sure you’re not making these mistakes!

3 Responses to Resume tips from an L-3 Communications GSES Recruiter

  1. L-3 is a tough company to get to respond to my resume at all. The same job openings have gone unfilled for years; to wit, Korean Linguist jobs. I have a Ph.D in Korean Studies, over 18 years of living and working in Korea as a professor, translator, interpreter, analyst, etc.; but L-3 is not at all interested in me, despite having held TS/SSI clearances. So, I question whether or not the openings that remain open for so long are really there or there just to acquire a pool of applicants so that when they become "real" the people will be in L-3's data base for the picking if and when they contract with government.

  2. I agree! I'm retired military and have applied for four years and never heard back from L3. Even with a TS/SCI clearance. Looks like you have to really know someone in the company to get a job there.

  3. was it just me, or was the video skewed to the right a little? the ending "tips" were cutoff on the right side

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