Defense Roundup: Spotlight on caregivers and female veterans, and GAO flays another program

Four Issues to Watch as US Congress Returns for Busy Fall

John T. Bennett (@BennettJohnT), Defense News. Congress returns this week to a vastly different agenda than the one they left for vacation facing three weeks ago. No one expected the burning issue in September would be authorizing strikes on Syria for chemical weapons attacks on their own citizens. The vote is going to be contentious while it will likely pass the Senate, the House simply doesn’t sound interested in jumping into another Middle East fight. Meanwhile, the budget isn’t even close to being voted on so another Continuing Resolution is almost inevitable and to make it fun the…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Karen Ryan, Syntelligent

Karen, tell us about you and Syntelligent

I joined the Syntelligent team in June 2013. I’ve known the President, Stephen Synnott for several years and was very impressed with his professionalism, his Air Force and Intelligence experience, and his vision for his company.  He possesses excellent leadership skills, has a clear vision, brings a tactical and strategic direction to the organization, and is good to his people. My background is in supporting the Intelligence Community and IT/Engineering. As a Human Resources professional with a strong focus on team dynamics, it’s important for me to be aligned with an organization that shares my values.  When the opportunity to work with Syntelligent…

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Best Recruiters Sept 5 Cleared Job Fair

At each Cleared Job Fair the cleared job seekers vote for the companies that provide them with the best recruiting experience. Congratulations to our top companies Engility, General Dynamics-IT and TASC!


General Dynamics-IT


Thanks to all of our employers for providing a great experience to our cleared job seekers. The next Cleared Job Fair is Tuesday, October 1, in Tysons Corner, Va.


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Sexual Behavior and Your Security Clearance

How questionable sexual behavior may be discovered

You probably expect that issues involving your credit, foreign influence or drug use will have a negative impact on your ability to be granted a security clearance. One issue that is not specifically referenced in the SF86 Questionnaire is your sexual conduct. However, there are a couple of questions on the questionnaire that can elicit potential issues surrounding your sexual conduct.

For example, there are several questions in the criminal conduct section of the questionnaire that can possibly elicit past sexual conduct issues. One such question is whether you have ever been charged with or convicted of any felony offenses. Another question requires…

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Defense Roundup: Furry Friends That Aren’t Pandas, New Hiring Rules Impacting Contractors

War Costs Could Escalate Quickly

Tom Vanden Brook (@tvandenbrook), USA Today. The debates around the situation in Syria are loud and widespread but aspects we are watching include how it will affect the “Asia pivot” and sending a military to war in the middle of massive budget uncertainty. USA Today examines the costs of what a potential strike on the Assad government would cost. The extreme low end with a pure cruise missile assault is somewhere around $100 million with Tomahawk missiles costing about $1 million a piece. In comparison, the Libya campaign cost the U.S. $1.1 billion and began with some 110 Tomahawks hitting key government targets. Things…

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