January 28 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Senators to Probe Air Force’s $1 Billion Failed Software

Tony Capaccio (@ACapaccio), Bloomberg. The Senate Armed Services Committee is investigating the failure of a $1 billion software project by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) for the Air Force that was canceled in November. The program was reorganized three times in three years and a new review found that to fix the program would cost yet another $1.1 billion on top of that already spent and still bring it in past the deadline needed. To their credit the Air Force is taking a percentage of the blame for shifting requirements, failed acquisition processes and other management issues and not just leaving…

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6 Body Language Tips for Interviewing

As we mention frequently, people make snap decisions about you based on first impressions.

It’s important that you present a positive total package to a potential employer. One aspect of that is body language. Many of the judgments that interviewers make about you are subconscious – they don’t even realize they are judging you when they judge you.

Some body language tips to keep in mind when you interview:

Have a good handshake

You want to shake the other person’s hand firmly, but not too hard. This isn’t a strength contest. Give it 2-3 shakes and let go. People with weak handshakes often don’t realize they have a weak handshake.…

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Security Clearance Processing Update at February 7 Cleared Job Fair

Is your security clearance up for reinvestigation in the next couple years? Are you interested in how the process will change? Are you curious about the reciprocity of your DHS clearance?

William Henderson, FEDCAS

Get answers to these questions and more at the February 7 Cleared Job Fair at the Westin Tysons Corner. William Henderson presents briefings at 10:15am and 11:30am on changes and problems affecting security clearance processing.

The briefings will last about 20 minutes and will be followed by brief question and answer periods.  Each briefing will cover:

  • * Changes to Periodic Reinvestigations
  • * Consolidation of DOD Central Adjudication Facilities
  • * Problems with Clearance

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January 22 Defense Industry Weekly Roundup

U.S. Services Detail Fiscal Crisis Impact

Defense News Staff. The infamous ‘meat axe’ has begun its work and the cuts being directed by the service secretaries and chiefs in anticipation of the March sequestration deadline and continuing resolution mean painful actions are already occurring. The most dramatic include cuts to training, hiring freezes, furloughs, cuts in support to non-combat training events, aircraft flyovers and airshows among a host of budget tweaks.  Each service has laid out different approaches to the guidance issued by the Secretary of Defense but major programs are in danger along with day-to-day operations. We are hearing widespread reports from contractors from every service of layoffs, cuts…

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January 14 Weekly Defense Industry Update

Congress’ Budget Games Mean Less Cash, More Chaos for Pentagon

Spencer Ackerman, Wired.com Danger Room. In one of the most disheartening press conferences in memory last Thursday, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Marty Dempsey laid out the immediate steps the Pentagon would take to make precautionary cuts based on the chaos in Congress. Without any real assurance that sequestration cuts won’t kick in on March 1, the DoD has little choice but to start taking drastic measures including docking ships, grounding aircraft and bringing training to a grinding halt, while contracts are suspended and civilian employees placed on furlough. While Congress and the president…

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