A Recruiter’s LinkedIn Tips for Your Career

Keeping yourself relevant, fresh and up-to-date can be a part-time job. But spending just 15-30 minutes per week on LinkedIn will most definitely help you in the long-run. 175 million registered users can’t be wrong!

Consider the following tips:

1. Make sure your profile is current and accurate. Keywords are essential in the recruiting process, so be sure to use them. If your profile is inaccurate and incomplete, then you will be passed over by your competition who took the time to fill out the detail on their profile. Being too detailed on LinkedIn is okay, as this will increase the odds that your profile is viewed by a…

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August 27 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Oshkosh, Lockheed, AMGen Win $190M Deal for Army JLTV

Sydney J. Freedberg, Jr., AOL Defense. The long awaited selection of three companies for the engineering, manufacturing and development phase of the Army and Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program came last Wednesday afternoon with Oshkosh Defense, Lockheed Martin and AM General picked up for this next phase. Oshkosh had just wrapped up a successful media day on their L-ATV when the announcement was made and AOL Defense was on hand to get a close up look at one of the contenders for the Humvee replacement. The services are hoping to purchase almost 60,000 of the vehicles eventually with the…

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Choosing a Recruiter to Help Your Job Search

How much time do you invest in your career?

When it comes to purchasing big ticket items such as a car or a home, we shop around to receive the best deal. We go out of our way to introduce ourselves to multiple car salespersons, or even visit 20-30 homes before we buy. Most of the time our sales cycle is completed within 30-60 days. But when it comes to our careers, sometimes it seems that candidates and colleagues take the shotgun approach. I like to call this the easy way out.

We utilize our car and home about 35% of the work week while awake. But when it comes…

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5 Candidate Experience Myths

Ever wonder as a job seeker if recruiters really care about how you’re treated in the hiring process?

Your experience when applying for a job is referred to in the recruiting world as the “candidate experience”. And good companies are concerned about the experience a job seeker has in the recruiting process because it impacts the reputation and brand of the company. That ultimately affects whether the company is able to hire good employees.

There’s even an annual competition to determine the companies providing the best experience to job seekers — The Candidate Experience Awards.

Check out these candidate experience myths, courtesy of Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads and…

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August 20 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Sequestration Ground Zero: ‘Fayette-nam’

Stephanie Gaskell, Politico. Politico’s @SGaskell traveled down to Fayetteville, North Carolina to see how sequestration is playing in one of the largest military communities in the country and discovered its not playing too well at all. With over $640 million in government contracting dollars flowing into the local economy the automatic cuts could prove to be devastating to many small companies and individuals as contracts are cut and employees laid off. Most recognize the mess is thanks to Congress’ inability to find a solution to head off the ‘meat axe’ associated with last year’s budget agreement and aren’t interested in hearing excuses or attempts to pass…

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