Transitioning Military Does Your Job Have a Civilian Equivalent

Don’t assume there are no relevant civilian jobs for your military experience. You just may need to do some homework to figure out where the skills you developed in the military are most transferable in the civilian world.

In this video Patra provides guidance on how you can get started.


Military job translators

O*Net Online
Career One Stop Military to Civilian Occupation Translator

Career exploration

Career One Stop Keys to Career Success

My Next Move for Veterans

New tools

Google for Veterans

LinkedIn for Veterans

Career guide to industries

Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Guide to Industries

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When Is a Job Board Not a Job Board? When It Is an Influencer

The most recent Career Xroads Sources of Hire survey was released recently. If you are not familiar with it, Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler have been conducting this study for over a decade. The survey looked at data from 36 companies with over 200,000 job openings to determine the key sources of hire and the interrelationships between key hiring sources.

According to the study, the top four sources of hire include:

1. Referrals (28%)
2. Job boards (20.1%)
3. Career sites (9.8%)
4. Recruiters (9.1%)

While job boards account for 1 in 5 hires, they are shown to have a much larger influence on the job…

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March 5 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Air Force Playing Hardball with Space Industry

Sandra Erwin, National Defense. Nothing in the defense budget is escaping scrutiny and the space budget is no exception. The Air Force is taking a hard look at launch, maintenance and support programs for satellite systems. All of the various programs are being subjected to “should cost” cost reviews, meaning each aspect of the contracts are being evaluated for what the government thinks they ought to cost the government. What is interesting about this piece is the attitude of the Air Force Director of Space Programs, talking about how they have figured out where the savings ought to be, but aren’t going to say…

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March 1 Cleared Job Fair Best Recruiters

At each Cleared Job Fair the cleared job seekers vote for the companies that provide them with the best recruiting experience. The four companies — second Cleared Job Fair in a row with a tie — voted Best Recruiter March 1 at BWI, MD, were Tanager, Ball Aerospace, General Dynamics-IT and HP.

Thanks to all of our employers for providing a great experience to our cleared job seekers. The next Cleared Job Fair is Thursday, April 5, at Springfield, VA.

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Google & University of Maryland Cybersecurity Seminar Series

If you’re interested in cybersecurity, check out the Google & University of Maryland Cybersecurity Seminar Series, organized by the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

The series features speakers from government, industry and academia, presenting on topics related to cybersecurity, including technology, policy and economics. The seminars are open to the general public.

The next event is “Parsing the Cyber War Battlefield,” presented by Marcus Ranum, Chief Security Officer of Tenable Network Security. March 8, 2012, at 5.30pm in the Computer Science Instruction Center, Lecture Hall 115. Register here.

More on Marcus Ranum:

Marcus Ranum

Marcus Ranum is a world-renowned expert on security system design…

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