Interview with a Recruiter, Thomas Jones, CSC

From time to time we bring you Q/A sessions with recruiters, who provide insights on their company, its hiring practices and job search tips.

Thomas Jones, CSC.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a retired Army recruiter with over 14 years of recruiting experience. I manage the veterans recruiting program at CSC, covering the US and overseas where appropriate. I have also supported the college recruiting and defense programs at CSC.

At what point in their transition should a service member start looking for a job with your company? 

A transitioning candidate should start looking about 60-90 days out.

What’s the best way for someone transitioning from the military to get

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8 Tips for a Successful Informational Interview

The holidays are a great time for connecting with targeted individuals for informational or networking interviews. Informational interviews are about learning, gathering information, and developing a relationship with the person you’re meeting with.

A 20-minute coffee or face-to-face meeting is your best bet. But if someone will only talk to you via phone, don’t turn down the opportunity. Some guidelines:

1. Be early if meeting in person. But not too early if you’re meeting at their office.

2. Offer to pay for the other person’s purchase.

3. Respect their limited time.

4. Do your homework ahead of time so you’re not asking…

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December 3 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Veterans Agency Can Ignore Vets Status in Contract Awards

Tom Schoenberg and Kathleen Miller, Bloomberg. A Federal Claims court judge in Washington has ruled that the Department of Veterans Affairs does not have to give preference to veteran owned small businesses in all contracts setting aside a ruling by the Government Accountability Office. The case is a milestone that could impact nearly $3 billion in federal contracts a year that could go to veteran owned businesses. The issue hinged on a loophole in the law that allows the government to use the general schedule of contractors and the discounts they often provide for contracts. The government’s concern is the challenge…

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Does My Email Service Provider Make Me Look Old

I recently asked a defense contracting recruiter if a job applicant with an AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo email address pegged them as out-of-date.

Her immediate response was, “No not at all,” and she walked away.

But then this 30-something recruiter turned around and said, “But when I was looking for a job last year I got a gmail account so I wouldn’t have to use my AOL account. I wanted to look more current.”

I received similar responses from many recruiters. Their first answer was usually, “No I wouldn’t think anything of it.” Then they processed it a bit more and realized that subconsciously they did immediately brand that person…

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November 26 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

As Cyberwarfare Heats Up, Allies Turn to U.S. Companies for Expertise

Ellen Nakashima, Washington Post. The United States is acknowledged as the clear leader in cyber defense capabilities so increasingly foreign nations are turning to U.S. companies for help developing their own capacity. But this often means walking a fine line for U.S. firms. The speed with which cyberwarfare is developing means it’s far outpacing the ability of export control regulators, DoD, or Congress to keep up, leaving contractors in an uncomfortable middle ground. They are seeking new business but possibly running afoul of outdated regulations–or future ones–that could undermine the already launched efforts. Meanwhile countries like Cuba are joining…

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