AFCEA NOVA Career Transition Seminar Breakfast, May 8

ClearedJobs.Net is sponsoring the AFCEA NOVA Government and Military Career Transition Seminar & Breakfast, May 8, from 7am-9am at the DoubleTree in Crystal City, Virginia. The breakfast is the morning of the Cleared Job Fair, which will also be at the DoubleTree from 11am-3pm.

Gain insight from those who have successfully transitioned and network with hiring professionals and other transitioning service members. Space is limited, so pre-register today.

The event will offer attendees the opportunity to:

* Hear from seasoned professionals who recently went through the same transition. They’ll share what worked, and what challenges they faced

* Hear from industry executives on…

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Do You Apply for Jobs You’re Not Qualified For

You see a job posted online and decide to toss your hat in the ring. Why not? You’re online. It’s easy to apply.

If that’s your attitude you’re wasting your time. And the employer’s time. When you apply for a job, meet all the critical requirements and 90% of all the requirements.

The only way you’re going to get a job if you don’t meet 90% of the requirements is if you know the hiring manager or recruiter. Personally. Otherwise, why would they hire someone who doesn’t meet the job qualifications?


How do you do it?

  • * Copy or print the job announcement or ad

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May 8 Cleared Job Fair Career Seminar and Resume Review Schedule

The May 8 Cleared Job Fair at the DoubleTree Crystal City, will feature career seminars and resume reviews to aid in your job search. Our schedule for the day:

10:30am – 11am Resumes Showcasing Your Accomplishments

Achievements? Successes? How do you show what you have accomplished in a few short bullets? How do you translate past work success into the job you want next? Learn more about how to make your resume work for you, not against you.

11am-3pm One-on-One Resume Reviews

These are 5 minute sessions where a job seeker can review their resume directly with an HR professional. We offer these sessions on a first-come,…

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Interview with a Recruiter, John Garrett, Systems Made Simple

John, tell us about yourself and Systems Made Simple

Recruiting was a career change for me after spending 8 successful years in business development and sales. I started my recruiting life In the Agency world with one of the largest privately owned firms in the US and eventually spent several years Recruiting/leading teams on large contracts for top 5 Integrators. I’ve also refined recruiting process and strategy in addition to recruiting model and business consulting.

I’ve been with Systems Made Simple/SMS for over 2 months as Recruiting Manager, overseeing all recruiting operations and process for the US and our 6 competency centers. Founded in 1991, SMS has become one of…

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April 22 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Pentagon Reaches Deal on $10 billion Arms Sale to Middle East Allies

Craig Whitlock (@CraigMWhitlock), Washington Post. Friday brought news of a complex multi-billion dollar weapons deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates just as Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel headed to the region. The Pentagon has been very clear that this deal is designed to equip our friends in the face of Iranian threats and the U.S. effort to “pivot to Asia”. The sale includes aerial refueling aircraft, V-22 Ospreys and anti-radar missiles for Israel, aircraft missiles for Saudi Arabia and two dozen F-16s for the UAE. Hagel made it clear in

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