Defense Roundup: The shutdown is dead, the government is alive–until February; AUSA begins

Facing Reality at the Pentagon

Gordon Adams, Foreign Policy. The shutdown is over, at least for now, and reality is settling back on the defense establishment. That reality is that the chance of the sequestration defense cuts being lifted is almost zero at this point. We have said for some time that the odd bedfellows that the cuts have made mean it is almost impossible in this political environment. The fight over Obamacare is more important to Tea Party conservatives who are proud of the fact that the federal budget has actually declined for the first time in years. For liberals, protecting benefits programs means they have no…

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Interview with a Recruiter, April Rose, NMR Consulting

April, tell us about yourself and NMR

I started with NMR Consulting in April of 2009. I came on board to source candidates to build our internal database and to work on finding new ways to recruit candidates at little or no cost. I was new to the DoD world and to recruiting in general so it took a while to “learn the lingo” and all of the acronyms!! In my past work experience I had already used and knew the value of social media so I started the company down that road, setting up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Pages for the company. I remember our HR Director’s surprise…

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Job Seeker Tips if You’ve Been Unemployed Over 4 Months

If you’ve been searching for a new position with little or no success — sending out resumes, filling out applications,  networking — it’s easy to become discouraged, deflated, and defeated.

However, I have worked with a number of clients who experienced long-term unemployment and yet did find jobs. Good jobs. Even after they had been out of work for 6, 9, 12 months or even longer.

Did they do things differently? Absolutely. Here’s what they did, and that you can do as well, to find success.

Tip 1: Change your habits. Chances are as the months have gone by you’ve developed some non-productive habits and behaviors – job search and…

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Defense Roundup: Contractors, Civilians, and Vets Affected by Lack of Budget Agreement

Hardships also Hit Contractor Employees

Nicole Blake Johnson, Federal Times. Most of the stories on the personal cost of the shutdown have focused on the problems for service members, veterans and civil servants, but another key population is taking a haircut on this deal. And they probably won’t be getting their money back as federal employees now will. Thousands of contractors are now on furlough and the picture gets murkier the longer the shutdown continues. Many contracts have simply run out of money using previously obligated 2013 funds, while contracts that relied on new 2014 funds are in a strange limbo as those funds haven’t been released and may not…

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Recommendations May Get You Noticed

Nothing provides a warm, fuzzy feeling better than a business professional recommendation for capabilities and work performance. In the last part of the 20th Century, recommendations were normally provided via letterhead, and in many cases it was hard to pin down the ‘boss’ to get the recommendation or referral letter typed up, signed, and delivered. A manila file-folder with letters of reference was a vital job search tool – the final ‘star’ piece in an interview conclusion.

In the 21st Century, a hard-copy letter of reference can be too easily forged, copy machines make digital copies that are hard to distinguish from the original, and letterhead paper is easy to…

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