November 5 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Army Eyes Better Humvee Survivability

Paul Mcleary, Army Times. All that is old is new again as the Army issued an RFP last week seeking industry input focusing on survivability of the Humvee fleet. Proposals are for the Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle-Survivability program and include provisions for the upgrade of some 5,750 Humvees in the fleet. Earlier attempts at blended survivability and automotive improvements ultimately doomed the effort in favor of the JLTV program. This new MECV-S program is designed just for survival issues and has a better prospect of making its way through the budget challenges than previous attempts according to industry insiders.

Air Force Struggles with Aging Fleet

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Weekly Defense Industry Roundup, Halloween Edition

Special Report: Worldwide Spending and Priorities

Staff, Defense News. Defense News is out with their big annual special look at worldwide defense spending and unsurprisingly…its mostly going down. The big four in Europe; Britain, France, Germany and Italy all have cut spending steadily and the next few years won’t be any different. Norway has bucked the trend with an increase in its budget, but other nations are approaching things with focuses on specific sectors like Naval operations or specific aircraft programs while overall spending trends downward.  Check out the full report package.

Pentagon Inspector Starts Criminal Probe of Contractor

Tom Vanden Brook, USA Today. Leonie Industries is being formally investigated…

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What’s Happening in the DoD World of Security Clearance Processing

Laura Hickman, Director of the Defense Security Service (DSS, aka the agency formerly known as DISCO) spoke at the recent annual meeting of the Chesapeake chapter of the National Classification Management Society, (NCMS aka the Society of Industrial Security Professionals).

NCMS is the professional organization for Facilities Security Officers.

Security Clearance Processing is Getting Faster

Initial and renewal security clearance processing timeframes are improving. You could almost call them fast, especially when you think back to where processing times were even two or three years ago. In the past several months at DSS it’s been about 4 days. In FY11 it was 24.1 days; FY12 7.9 days.

Two to…

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Do You Meet the Requirements of the Jobs You Apply For

You want a new job. You are searching every online site you can. You have job agents searching ClearedJobs.Net. You are just one reply away from a new job.

Or are you?

Say you see a job listing somewhere:  What exactly about the ad appeals to you? How does it match your goals?

Skip it if the ad does not speak to your interests and career goals. Why waste your time and the company’s time?

Recruiters and hiring managers will tell you that anywhere from 75-90% of all applicants do not meet the requirements in the job posting or ad.

And modern applicant tracking systems tell recruiters when you…

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Oct 26 Cleared Job Fair Best Recruiters

At each Cleared Job Fair the cleared job seekers vote for the companies that provide them with the best recruiting experience. Congratulations to our top companies HP, TexelTek and General Dynamics-IT!

Oct 26 Cleared Job Fair Best Recruiters from Kathleen Smith on Vimeo.

Thanks to all of our employers for providing a great experience to our cleared job seekers. The next Cleared Job Fair is Thursday, November 15, at Crystal City, VA.


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