March 7 BWI Cleared Job Fair Video

Check it out and please join us!

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The 3 Benefits of Social Media and Your Job Search

Cat videos. The Kardashians. Inappropriate tweets by The Onion.

It’s understandable why some cleared job seekers still shy away from social media. There is a lot of chaff in the wheat and we’ve all seen or heard examples of individuals over-sharing information and making themselves potential targets.

But there are benefits to using social media in your job search. You just need to be smart about it. Think of social media in three categories for your job search.

1. Expands your networking and information sharing options. This is the obvious benefit of using social networks. Networking has always been critical to a successful job search. The Wall Street Journal printed…

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February 25 Weekly Defense Industry Roundup

Hagel on Track to Narrowly Win Confirmation as Defense Secretary

Paul West (@paulwestdc), Los Angeles Times. Congress returns from its 10-day “Presidents Day” recess and will likely take up a confirmation vote for Secretary of Defense nominee and former Senator Chuck Hagel on Tuesday. With several Republican Senators having declared their support for the embattled nominee it appears he has enough votes to be confirmed. It has been a contentious fight and many pundits are calling him politically damaged by the fight but all of this becomes relatively moot as sequestration kicks in on Friday. At that point attention turns to a political budget battle that was almost completely…

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Interviewing: Follow Up for Success

Whenever I talk about job search, there are questions about following up after an interview. Why, when, how, how much…

‘Why?’ is easy.
When you write a thank-you note to interviewers, you have another chance to impress each interviewer you talked with. When you check in after the expected decision time frame, you remind them of your interest and potentially, your value.

What, you do not know when they expected to make a decision? Next time ASK!

‘When’ is also easy.
Thank-you notes should be immediate – the same day or within 24 hours. Follow-up calls and emails come several days or more after the date they…

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Social Networking in Your Job Search at Military Transition Classes

As a veteran-owned company, ClearedJobs.Net is committed to supporting transitioning military.

One way we do this is by presenting Social Networking in Your Job Search and providing lunch to military transition classes at bases around the metro DC area.

Chrissa Dockendorf, ClearedJobs.Net military transition liaison

A recent article by Tim Cherry of the Fort Belvoir web site quotes Chrissa Dockendorf, ClearedJobs.Net military transition liaison, from her presentation at Fort Belvoir.

Soldiers and civilians received job market advice during the Army Career Alumni Program career day Jan. 23 in the Barden Education Center.

The ACAP sponsored event is hosted monthly and provides participants with image

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