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The U.S. Army blog,, is now open to civilians and the general public.

Previously, this blog had been “closed” and only available to active-duty solidiers and civilian employees. As of late May 2010, it is now being shared with the world at large. This is just one more way another way that our military is leading the way with social media and connecting the general public with meaningful soldier stories of interest and value.

For complete article on the public outing of this Army blog, please click here.

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U.S. Military Opens the Door to Social Media Use by Active Duty Personnel Launches a New Social Media Platform Designed Exclusively for US Military and Supporters; The First of its Kind

Recent policy changes by the US Department of Defense, (DOD), provide a new approach to the use of social media by military personnel. Announced in early 2010, the DOD, now approves and, in fact, encourages the use of social media by rank and file military.

Why this significant change? Former Special Operations soldier, with three tours to Iraq under his belt, David Johnson believes the policy change is long overdue. He states, “The stress experienced by the military is extreme, both on the battlefield and even in transitioning to civilian life.”…

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Federal News Radio Interview: Does having a security clearance mean you have to give up those Web 2.0 tools?

Thought our job seekers and online community may enjoy a Federal News Radio interview I did last week on the topic of security clearances and web 2.0 tools.

This is a very pressing topic and concern these days and I have much to say about the subject in favor of using web 2.0 tools wisely — not just for job searching but in general for networking, communicating and participating in meaningful conversation with other professionals or individuals.

Yes, those who have an active security clearance must use care and caution as they participate online but this care and caution should not prevent a cleared person from engaging in social…

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Pentagon Web site redesigned to appeal to younger audience


Government Executive reported recently that the Department of Defense has launched its new website to take the place of the former which was geared toward an audience that was 45+. The new site includes many of the current social media tools to allow two way communication and involvement with a younger generation.

dodwidget1We took some time to tour the new site and found its heavy emphasis on offering various connection points across social media platforms to be very interesting and welcome. Steve Ressler, founder of Young Government Leaders and the social networking site for federal employees known as GovLoop, was quoted in the article as saying, “Defense…

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The Marines are Social!

We have to give kudos to Bob Brewin at NextGov for brining to light that we all goofed when we believed the ‘media reports’ that the Marine Corps was going to ban social networking.

What a relief :) Glad to know the report was a goof.

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