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Interviewing: Follow Up for Success

Whenever I talk about job search, there are questions about following up after an interview. Why, when, how, how much…

‘Why?’ is easy.
When you write a thank-you note to interviewers, you have another chance to impress each interviewer you talked with. When you check in after the expected decision time frame, you remind them of your interest and potentially, your value.

What, you do not know when they expected to make a decision? Next time ASK!

‘When’ is also easy.
Thank-you notes should be immediate – the same day or within 24 hours. Follow-up calls and emails come several days or more after the date they…

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Social Networking in Your Job Search at Military Transition Classes

As a veteran-owned company, ClearedJobs.Net is committed to supporting transitioning military.

One way we do this is by presenting Social Networking in Your Job Search and providing lunch to military transition classes at bases around the metro DC area.

Chrissa Dockendorf, ClearedJobs.Net military transition liaison

A recent article by Tim Cherry of the Fort Belvoir web site quotes Chrissa Dockendorf, ClearedJobs.Net military transition liaison, from her presentation at Fort Belvoir.

Soldiers and civilians received job market advice during the Army Career Alumni Program career day Jan. 23 in the Barden Education Center.

The ACAP sponsored event is hosted monthly and provides participants with image

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AFCEA NOVA Career Transition Seminar and Breakfast

ClearedJobs.Net is sponsoring the AFCEA NOVA  Military Career Transition Seminar & Breakfast, January 29, from 7am-9am at the DoubleTree in Crystal City, Virginia.

Please join us to gain insight from those who have successfully transitioned and network with hiring professionals and other transitioning service members. Space is limited, so pre-register today.

The event will offer attendees the opportunity to:

* Hear from seasoned professionals who recently went through the same transition. They’ll share what worked, and what challenges they faced

* Hear from industry executives on what they value – in employees, on resumes, and in interviews

* Hear the things you should know…

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Keys to a Successful Transition for Female Veterans

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 female veterans surged to 19.9% in September, vs. 14.7% a year earlier and 12.1% in August. While the unemployment rate for veterans as a whole is now lower than the general public, that’s obviously not the case for our female vets.

One of the ways to overcome this statistic is to focus on the key practices shared by women veterans who have made a successful transition to the civilian workforce. A study by the BPW Foundation states that the keys to success include:

  1. Start job search before leaving active duty
  2. Use all available job search training

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Transitioning Military Learning to Fight A New Battle: Cybersecurity Leadership

“What are you going to do next?” It’s the first question everyone asks when you let them know that you are finishing your stint with the armed services. Perhaps you have the answer — and perhaps you’re still trying to make out what will make the best use of your skills and service ethos.

In Maryland alone, it is estimated that there are between 20,000 and 30,000 unfilled cyber security jobs. These are jobs that often pay $100,000 or more. Recruiters just can’t find enough people with the right skills.

Perhaps you are more comfortable with real combat than virtual warfare but even if you are not an IT specialist,…

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