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Job Search Lessons from May’s Military Holidays

May is the month we recognize and remember several aspects of our military:

Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 10) is a recent recognition of their support.
Armed Forces Day (May 18) recognizes those currently in service.
Memorial Day (May 27) recognizes those who died in war.

Memorial Day began as women, individually and in clubs, decorated the graves of Civil War soldiers with flowers. It became formalized, first in the North and then the South, as Decoration Day. Later, soldiers from World War I were added. Eventually it became a federal holiday in recognition of all our military members killed in war.

Job Search Lessons

Military planning is…

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Skip Your Resume Objective to Grab an Employer’s Attention

What is the point of a resume? It is an ad, designed to get an employer interested in you.

So why do so many people start out with a statement of what they want: “where I can contribute my skills to a growing blah, blah, blah…”  Most objectives are boringly similar and none really attract the ‘buyer’, the employer you seek. Skip them!

How do you grab an employer’s attention positively

Start your resume with a Summary that talks about what you can do for the employer immediately. This is one short paragraph or 3-5 bullet points which highlight how your past successes provide immediate value to meet the employer’s…

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Where O Where Do I Want to Work

Sitting in your chair looking at job ads? Search agents out on your favorite sites? Think that is job search?

Well, actually, no.

I regularly hear job seekers complain about not finding good jobs online or never hearing back from all the resumes they have submitted to job ads. Blasting out your resume to every possible job ad is so easy these days. It is so easy that a lot of other folks are doing the same thing. Recruiters report getting hundreds of resumes from any ad but very few good candidates. Yes, even in the cleared jobs world.

Want a smarter way to find the job you want and can…

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Nobody Loves Me, Job Search Gone Bad

I was talking with a job seeking friend recently. He was angry and discouraged. “I have applied to a lot of jobs, gone to a lot of job fairs, and no-one responds,” he said. “I’ve got the top clearances in hot demand areas. WTH?”

So I asked a few questions – ones you should ask yourself.

1. How much of your time are you spending talking with and connecting to other people?

Starting with people you know, what help have you sought for your job search? Have you asked for information about your target companies? References to people who work in each target? Ideas about your strengths? Suggestions for places…

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Military Service to Civilian Success: Translate Achievements

A resume is an advertisement for what you offer an employer. Far too many people don’t understand this. How do you show what you offer an employer when your experience and success has come in the military environment?

Focus on your achievements!

The smartest thing you can do on your resume is to demonstrate your past successes. These are your achievements, your accomplishments, your record of actions and results. The basic formula for this is fairly easy:
* Situation or task you faced
* Actions you took
* Results

Think about your various military jobs. What specific aspects of your work did you do that you really…

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