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Defense and Intel Contracting Are Evolving, Are You

Government contracting work has changed. The huge boom in employment over the past decade in intel, in supporting two wars, and in increased outsourcing has turned. The past two years have seen big cutbacks across the landscape. With the focus on cutting the budget that will continue.

Many people are looking and waiting and discouraged. You can be that guy or you can try some new things. You know the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

Option 1. Reboot your job search

Far too many people got used to depending simply on their security clearances to get a job in the days…

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The Words You Use on Your Resume Are Important

We know recruiters don’t spend a lot of time looking at your resume when doing an initial review.

With the current state of the cleared job market, that means your choice of words for your resume is important. CareerBuilder recently surveyed hiring managers and HR professionals from a variety of industries to determine which words they want to see on job seekers’ resumes, and which words make them cringe.

The Most Disliked Words Seen on Job Seekers’ Resumes

1. Best of breed: 38 percent

2. Go-getter: 27 percent

3. Think outside of the box: 26 percent

4. Synergy: 22 percent

5. Go-to person: 22 percent

6. Thought leadership:…

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How Cleared IT Professionals Capture a Recruiter’s Attention

Job seekers looking for interesting government contracting work are faced with an unfamiliar environment.

Where there was once a seemingly endless demand for tried and true technical skills, many openings currently available are less focused on depth of experience and more attuned to the rapidly evolving tools, frameworks and technologies of the past few years. Although this shift is most acute in software engineering, it is also being felt in other IT fields.

As an IT professional, this is what you can do to capture a recruiter’s attention and keep your career moving forward:

Know thyself. Take a realistic assessment of your background. What do you know well, and what…

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7 Tips for Using Social Media for Interview Preparation

Your goal is to be current on the company’s activities and to develop relevant questions to ask in the interview. That demonstrates you’re an informed professional, current with today’s technology and modes of communication.

To that end, incorporate social media into your pre-interview research strategy. Companies show different sides of themselves through different social media channels. Use this opportunity to learn more and prepare to ace your interview.

Depending on the cleared position you’re interviewing for and the contractor, you may find a wealth of information or next to nothing.

If the company you’re interviewing with is one of your target companies, you should have already completed much of this…

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The 4-Step Job Seeker Sales Process

Effective job seekers sell themselves and their product or services using the same sales process. Here is how to apply the sales process to preparation of your job search:

Step 1, Learn about and understand the product / service you are selling

That’s you! It can be surprising what you don’t know about you. Or at least how to talk about you.

Akin to a salesperson learning about a product or service, job seekers need to devote time to learning about what they have to offer their customer, i.e., a new employer.

  1. Assessments are one way, but if you don’t have the resources to secure a formal assessment,

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