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Defense Roundup: The Demise of Tanks and the Rise of Veterans Advocacy

The End of the Tank? The Army Says It Doesn’t Need It, but Industry Wants to Keep Building It.

Marjorie Censer (@commoncenser), Washington Post. The end of over a decade of war and massive budget cuts in the U.S. and abroad are having far reaching impacts on the defense industry. There is probably no sector of that industry feeling the impact more than those who build the massive armored land vehicles that have been the hallmark of the U.S. Army and Marines since World War II. Companies that manufacture the fighting vehicles and tanks have either stopped making new vehicles long ago or only a trickle come through and now…

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Defense Roundup: Veterans and Military Benefits Fight Heating Up, and Generals Behaving Badly

Military Veterans: Natural Born CEOs?

Elizabeth G. Olson, Fortune. With more military veterans leaving the service and being sought by companies, there has been a lot of interest in how effective they are as business leaders. Many remember that veterans founded some of today’s greatest companies after World War II, including FedEx and Johnson & Johnson, and those who served led some 60% of major companies in the 1980s. Today that proportion has shrunk to just 10%, but recent studies have found that businesses with a military trained CEO were two-thirds less likely than their counterparts to be engaged in fraudulent activities. In addition, they are more likely to be…

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Defense Roundup: Army Personnel Cuts Closer, and an F-35 Joke

US Navy, OSD Battle Over LCS Future

Christopher Cavas (@Cavasships), Defense News. It’s interesting to see how a well-timed story from Christopher Cavas can cause the Navy to go into full battle mode. Last week, in the middle of the annual Surface Navy Association conference near D.C., Cavas dropped a story that a memo from Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox dated January 6th was directing the Navy to curtail purchases of Littoral Combat Ships to a total of 32, foregoing 20 of the controversial ships. The effect was like a small bomb as Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus himself appealed to Secretary of Defense Hagel to reconsider…

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Defense Roundup: Defense Contractors Tapping New Talent to Lead Into an Uncertain Future, Veteran Unemployment Down

US Plans Radical Upgrade of Stryker Brigades

Paul McLeary (@paulmcleary), Defense News. The Army is planning on upgrading all nine of its existing Stryker equipped infantry brigades to the modernized and heavily armored “double V-hull” configuration as funding is available in the coming years. The DVH configuration is an upgrade that incorporates lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and the MRAPs unique V shaped hull, which deflects sub-vehicle blast waves away from the crew compartment. The Army has struggled with what to do with the Strykers as they are somewhat less armored than most combat vehicles and vulnerable to IEDs and other threats. There was some question as to whether…

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Defense Roundup: Fallujah Back in the Headlines, Contractors Facing Uncertain Times

Majority of US MRAPs to Be Scrapped or Stored

Paul McLeary (@paulmcleary), Defense News. The vagaries of war and how we must buy equipment and dispose of it is always fascinating. Today the U.S. military is struggling with what to do with thousands of massive Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles that were frantically purchased to protect combat troops in Iraq and Afghanistan as IEDs took a heavy toll in the two combat theaters. The Army will have to use some $1.7 billion in supplemental wartime funding to refurbish the badly abused and already outdated 8,585 vehicles they intend to keep while finding a way to rid the service of another…

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