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Defense and Veterans Roundup: Unemployment Numbers, Electronic Health Records, Budgets and Some Actual Good News

Gen. Sinclair Gets Reprimand, Must Forfeit Some Pay in Army Sex Case

David Zucchino, L.A. Times. A long and contentious legal battle including the incredibly rare prosecution of an Army general officer for sexual assault ended with a whimper this week as Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair cut a plea deal and was sentenced to forfeit $20,000 in pay, restitution of $4,100 that was misspent on his government charge card in support of his multi-year affair with a subordinate, and a letter of reprimand. For perspective, the pay forfeit is spread over four months so as a general officer with 28 years of service he will lose approximately 35% of his…

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Defense and Veterans Roundup: The Guard and the Army Never Learned to Share

Are Veterans Getting the Money They Deserve in Latest Budget?

Stacy Kaper (@KaperSLK), National Journal. Over the past few weeks, veterans groups have made their rounds to joint House and Senate committee hearings to testify about their legislative and budget priorities. Last week, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki followed suit and laid out his agency’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year—one many lawmakers don’t think goes far enough to address the needs of America’s veterans. The Fiscal Year 2015 budget only requests an overall 6.5 percent increase in funding but back home constituents complain to their senators and representatives about wait times at VA medical centers, the backlog, overmedication of…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Big Changes to Military Retirement, DoD Budget is Confusing Everyone

DoD Budget, Expect Big Changes in Five-Year Spending Priorities

Marcus Weisgerber, (@MarcusReports) Defense News. After two weeks of looking at the Defense Department’s proposed budget for 2015 the consensus seems to be that nobody knows what the hell the thing is really asking for. The culmination of this confusion came during the press conference last week to roll out the official budget proposal when it kicked off with the surprise announcement that the Combat Rescue Helicopter program that had been left for dead in the proposal had instead been approved to move forward just minutes before. Everyone concerned has called it the most complicated budget they had ever seen with…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: VA Wrestles with Disability Appeals Times, DoD Aces a Skeptical Congress

DoD Budget Faces Defiant Congress

John T. Bennett, (@BennettJohnT) Defense News. It was the week of the budget in defense circles this past week and it kicked off Monday with the rollout of the 2015 budget proposal from Secretary of Defense Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey that we previewed in the last Scout Report. It took only a few hours for Congress to begin their pushback. In a remarkable accomplishment the administration’s proposal has actually united the two parties in their disdain of the proposal as defense hawks believe it weakens the military too far, fiscal hawks saying it asks for too much above the…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Budget Battles Just Beginning on Capitol Hill, Medals of Honor for 19 Men

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

Thom Shanker and Helene Cooper, New York Times. The Pentagon will be previewing its 2015 budget proposal today and early insights are showing an aggressive post-war move to reduce the military’s size and capability to a war fighting force but not an occupation one like the last decade. Pentagon officials are telling the New York Times that the Army will shrink to its lowest size since before World War II and the A-10 Warthog attack jet and U-2 spy planes will be eliminated completely. The bottom line is that with continuing fiscal austerity ahead and very little likelihood of a…

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