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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Big Changes to Military Retirement, DoD Budget is Confusing Everyone

DoD Budget, Expect Big Changes in Five-Year Spending Priorities

Marcus Weisgerber, (@MarcusReports) Defense News. After two weeks of looking at the Defense Department’s proposed budget for 2015 the consensus seems to be that nobody knows what the hell the thing is really asking for. The culmination of this confusion came during the press conference last week to roll out the official budget proposal when it kicked off with the surprise announcement that the Combat Rescue Helicopter program that had been left for dead in the proposal had instead been approved to move forward just minutes before. Everyone concerned has called it the most complicated budget they had ever seen with…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: VA Wrestles with Disability Appeals Times, DoD Aces a Skeptical Congress

DoD Budget Faces Defiant Congress

John T. Bennett, (@BennettJohnT) Defense News. It was the week of the budget in defense circles this past week and it kicked off Monday with the rollout of the 2015 budget proposal from Secretary of Defense Hagel and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey that we previewed in the last Scout Report. It took only a few hours for Congress to begin their pushback. In a remarkable accomplishment the administration’s proposal has actually united the two parties in their disdain of the proposal as defense hawks believe it weakens the military too far, fiscal hawks saying it asks for too much above the…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Budget Battles Just Beginning on Capitol Hill, Medals of Honor for 19 Men

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

Thom Shanker and Helene Cooper, New York Times. The Pentagon will be previewing its 2015 budget proposal today and early insights are showing an aggressive post-war move to reduce the military’s size and capability to a war fighting force but not an occupation one like the last decade. Pentagon officials are telling the New York Times that the Army will shrink to its lowest size since before World War II and the A-10 Warthog attack jet and U-2 spy planes will be eliminated completely. The bottom line is that with continuing fiscal austerity ahead and very little likelihood of a…

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Defense Roundup: Scandals Keep Coming for the Army, Food Stamp Use Rises

Misconduct in Army Ranks Forcing More Soldiers Out, Data Shows

Lolita Baldor (@lbaldor), Associated Press. The AP has been on a roll doing deep dives of military records in recent weeks. Last week a three-year look at military sexual assault cases in Japan revealed a wide disparity in prosecutorial approaches among the military services. This week Lolita Baldor found that the number of soldiers being kicked out of the Army has risen dramatically in the last three years. Enlisted soldiers forced out for drugs, alcohol, crime, and other misconduct tripled in those three years peaking last year as some 11,000 were removed from the Army. Officers weren’t immune to…

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Defense Roundup: Army Units Slam Intel System, Marine Corps Times Tempest

White House Pushes Budget Hike

Defense News Staff, Defense News. In an odd twist of fate if it proves correct, Defense News is reporting that the White House and Pentagon have come to an agreement on once again expanding the DoD’s budget starting in 2016 by finding cuts elsewhere in the government. Sources tell the news organization that the Administration is considering a $535 billion budget in 2016 putting it some $36 billion over the sequester cap that would be going back into effect at that point if Congress doesn’t make a deal like the one recently passed. Much of this stems from political push back at some of the…

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