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ClearedJobs.Net Job Seeker Privacy Controls

One of our most frequently asked questions is the level of access that employers have to job seeker’s profile and resume information on ClearedJobs.Net. We have several options so job seekers can select the degree of employer access that best meets the needs of their job search.
When a job seeker logs in to their ClearedJobs.Net account home page they see the following settings under the “My Resume” heading, “Resume is”:

Searchable vs. Unsearchable

This setting controls whether a job seeker’s resume can be viewed by employers. A job seeker makes their resume “Unsearchable” if they do not want to be contacted by recruiters, yet still want the flexibility to…

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Refresh Your Resume Sweepstakes

When was the last time you looked at your resume? Didn’t think you needed to did you? Did you post your resume on a job board thinking “that is all I have to do to find a job!” Well, that’s not quite all there is to it.

A well written resume is only one part of your overall career search strategy. As important as having your resume well written, featuring your accomplishments, clearly stating your successes and making sure you have the correct key words, your resume also has to be “fresh.”

What do we mean by “fresh?” Similar to cheese that stays in the refrigerator too long, if your…

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Chief Information Security Officers Balancing the Business Case rather than the Checklists

Within the last few years there have been many known wide spread attacks on government agencies and many more that have not been well known.

At the Bethesda AFCEA monthly breakfast, an impressive panel shared their thoughts on the challenges and changes occurring in the role of the Chief Information Security Officer’s role in protecting the government’s assets.

While it may seem like a simple case of looking of implementing stricter technology controls, the role of the CISO has moved beyond technology and into looking at the business case. The panel consisted of leaders and longtime information security professionals in very diverse fields: NASA, NRC, FDIC and VA. All…

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A Great Day at the National Naval Medical Center (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 of 2 of this blog post:  A Great Day at the National Naval Medical Center (Part 1 of 2)

So, as I was sharing my experiences at the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in the first part of the my blog post, here I am excited to fill you in with what happened at the two amazing workshops we conducted at the center.

The first was How to Work a Job Fair as many in the room had never been to a job fair let along…

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Cleared Job Fair Tysons Corner, June 17, 2010 … Next Cleared Job Fair September 9, 2010 @ Crystal City VA

Last Thursday’s Cleared Job Fair at the West Tysons Corner was a non-stop stream of nearly 700 security cleared job seekers, nearly 30% of whom had Polygraphs! Two job seekers shared their stories with us last Thursday, so if you missed those previous posts, they are here: Cleared Job Seeker: “Face Time with Employers at Industry Job Fairs Is Invaluable” and Military Transition Job Seeker: Career Change and First Cleared Job Fair Adventures.

Each Job Fair we honor the three companies voted “Best Recruiter” by the Job Seekers. Our winners were General Dynamics-IT, Booz Allen Hamilton and Invertix. 

Best Recruiter Announcement for June 17,

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