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How Cybersecurity Training Helped 4 Cleared Professionals

Is Cybersecurity Training Right for YouAs we shared in how an IT professional can transition to a cybersecurity career, free or low-cost cybersecurity training is available in the metro DC area for cleared professionals with some IT experience.

Here are four real-world examples from cleared professionals who successfully completed training.

All Source Analyst / SME Training Instructor

“My background prior to training was as an All Source Analyst and SME Training Instructor with 10+ years supporting the Intelligence Community.

“The Security University (SU) training made the difference simply by giving me the bullets and credentials to get my resume reviewed and forwarded. The IC is moving toward cyber aggressively after years of complacency.…

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Veterans Roundup: American Legion Convention Edition, the Ennui of Sequester, the Misinformation of Food Pantries

Charity Says Military Use of Food Pantries Has Been Rising for Years
Travis J. Tritten (@Travis_Tritten), Stars and Stripes. Last week, a study conducted in 2013 by Feeding America, a network of U.S. food banks, reported that 620,000 military families use its services. The number they provided translates to about a quarter of U.S. military households. The Department of Defense is challenging the authenticity of the study, pointing out some major flaws that may have exaggerated the number. Feeding America claims that military pay is often just above the cutoff for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, leaving military families on a tight budget. The DoD, on the other…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Michelle Flesher, Visionist

Michelle Flesher, VisionistMichelle tell us about yourself and Visionist

I have been in this industry for several years – not sharing exactly how many. ☺ I’ve been with Visionist for more than a year now. I manage the personnel and administrative functions for the team from our headquarters in Columbia, MD. Recruiting, HR, Training, and whatever else I can get engaged in to help the company continue to be successful… that’s me.

Why do I want to work for Visionist

We are a unique blend of outstanding talent, team spirit, and a willingness to share knowledge and solutions internally and beyond. As a company, we are not intimidated by the tough problems,…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Edessa Reed, PSS

Edessa ReedEdessa, tell us about yourself and your company

I have been in the recruiting industry for nine years. About seven years ago I decided to move into an Information Technology Recruiting role. Presently as an Intelligence Technical Recruiter with Preferred Systems Solutions (PSS), I  am responsible for supporting several government efforts with multiple openings. All these openings require at least a Top Secret/SCI up to Top Secret/SCI with a Full Scope Polygraph clearance. Most of the positions I recruit for are located within the Northern Virginia, DC Metro and Maryland areas.

Since 1991, PSS has been providing reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet our clients’ goals and objectives in the core…

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How an IT Professional Can Transition to a Cyber Security Career

Information Technology to Cyber SecurityFrom banking and healthcare to government contractors and intel agencies, you can’t look anywhere today without seeing something about cyber security. Whether it’s the challenges that are facing us from cyber security threats to the growing number of employment opportunities in the cyber security field, it’s clearly the buzz word of the moment.

There’s buzz for a good reason. In the metro DC area alone there are tens of thousands of cyber security job openings. A key challenge is the need for cleared professionals with both the skills and the required certifications to meet contract requirements.

We hear it from our cleared employers as well. A constant search for qualified…

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