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Cleared Job Fair Feedback, the Toughest and Easiest Positions to Fill

Verizon recruiter assisting a job seeker at a Cleared Job FairAt our recent Cleared Job Fairs we asked cleared recruiters several questions that cleared cleared job seekers will find of interest. We also asked Patra Frame to share with us some of the issues she saw while reviewing cleared resumes.

Do you prefer receiving a resume as a PDF or a Word document

No recruiter we spoke to expressed a preference for a PDF version of a cleared job seeker’s resume. Several said it didn’t matter, but an even larger number want to receive a Word document. The reasons vary:

“PDFs cause issues with our ATS”

“PDFs are an issue with our firewall”

What was even…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Jo Weech, Red Alpha

Jo WeechJo tell us about yourself and Red Alpha

Prior to working for Red Alpha, I had my own management consulting firm. A little over a year ago I started working with Red Alpha as a consultant. The company was growing and we focused our strategies on recruiting and retention. In May I became the Director, Talent Management.  My role is recruiting, retention, team building and growing the careers of current employees.

Red Alpha was started in 2011 by three developers who still work on projects. In three short years we have established a great reputation with both engineers and customers in the IC. Red Alpha is on multiple contracts with…

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A Resume Only a Mother Could Love

My resume is too long, But I have 25 years experienceAt our recent Cleared Job Fair we had a cleared job seeker register with a 13-page resume.

13 pages? Did we discover the long-lost resume of Leonardo da Vinci? Albert Einstein?

Other than perhaps your mother – and my mother likely wouldn’t make it past page one – who would be interested in dredging through page after page of dense paragraphs with minute details of everything you’ve done since 1988?

Yes that’s right. Detailed responsibilities and accomplishments going back to 1988. No wonder it was a 13-page resume.

When you’ve accomplished a lot in your career, you’re quite naturally proud of what you’ve done. Clearly this job seeker falls in…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Madonna Dougherty, Miklos Systems

Madonna Dougherty, MiklosMadonna tell us about yourself and Miklos Systems

I am the Human Resources Manager for Miklos Systems, Inc. (MSI) and have been with the company for nearly two years. As the HR Manager/Recruiter I am involved in several areas of HR, but my primary focus is on the recruitment and selection of cleared technical personnel for the company. MSI has been in business for over 20 years and became an employee-owned company in 2006. We specialize in providing software, systems, and network engineering services across the full spectrum of system and software development life cycles to our customers in the Federal Government. Our positions are located in the Northern VA/DC…

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How Cybersecurity Training Helped 4 Cleared Professionals

Is Cybersecurity Training Right for YouAs we shared in how an IT professional can transition to a cybersecurity career, free or low-cost cybersecurity training is available in the metro DC area for cleared professionals with some IT experience.

Here are four real-world examples from cleared professionals who successfully completed training.

All Source Analyst / SME Training Instructor

“My background prior to training was as an All Source Analyst and SME Training Instructor with 10+ years supporting the Intelligence Community.

“The Security University (SU) training made the difference simply by giving me the bullets and credentials to get my resume reviewed and forwarded. The IC is moving toward cyber aggressively after years of complacency.…

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