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Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2015

“Military spouses make the mission possible.”

Sue Hoppin, Founder, National Military Spouse Network

Military Spouse Appreciation Day 2015National Military Spouse Appreciation Day was first proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1984, and is observed the Friday prior to Mother’s Day. This year military spouses will be honored this Friday, May 8.

ClearedJobs.Net launched an effort to publicly recognize military spouses via Twitter in 2009. Our goal is to recognize military spouses who often endure months apart from their loved ones, uprooted lives, and the general uncertainty that comes with being the spouse of a military member.

Twitter ResponsesClearedJobs.Net’s military spouse appreciation program is an exclusive Twitter-specific initiative using the Twitter…

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Big Declines in Security Clearance Determinations

2014 Report on Security Clearance DeterminationsODNI recently released its 2014 Report on Security Clearance Determinations, which details individuals holding a clearance as of October 1, and the number of individuals approved or denied a clearance during the fiscal year. For a second year the numbers reveal an across the board decrease in both numbers.

While there is certainly a downward trend what is hard to determine is how much of this trend is due to an improvement in data quality vs. a true reduction. Likely it is both, but what the proportions are no one really knows.

Decline in Security Clearance Holders

The total number of clearance holders holding a Confidential or higher security clearance…

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Intel Community Employment Demand, Salaries and More

Mike BruniA discussion with Mike Bruni, Leidos Talent Acquisition Manager, on the state of the Intel community hiring landscape.

Is There a Difference in Employment Demand for HUMINT vs SIGINT vs All Source

I believe all of these flavors of intelligence are in high demand. I don’t know that one outdoes the other as far as demand goes. I do think what we see is a more competitive market for this type of experience. More competitive in a sense that in many areas we have a surplus of qualified candidates all vying for the same position. In others, we have a void of candidates.

It’s actually not just the skill set.…

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Interview with a Recruiter, Michele Jones, GD-IT

Michele Jones, GD-ITMichele, tell us about yourself

I have been a Recruiter for General Dynamics Information Technology for several years.  I have recruited for positions in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Djibouti, Korea, and throughout the U.S.

People often say to me you have worked for General Dynamics IT for a long time. This is true because I have enjoyed assisting in making that remarkable connection between employee and employer.  I have been able to transfer and work from different locations within the company, so my position changed depending on which business unit I supported. The people at General Dynamics IT care and strive to help all employees to be successful in their roles.


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Strike a Power Pose, Improve Your Interview

Power Posing Amy CuddyFor some of you this will really strike a chord. For others it may be eye-roll time.

If you’re not very confident or if you’re uncomfortable in situations such as interviews or job fairs, striking a power pose is for you. In a job search when you have the opportunity to interact face-to-face with a potential employer you need to seize the moment and make the most of the opportunity in front of you. So if striking a power pose for two minutes before entering this stressful situation helps you, why not try?

First, the Importance of Attitude

Attitude is more important than you may realize in finding a job.…

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