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Three Networking Success Tips

You can hardly say job search without ‘networking’ popping up. Why? Studies show consistent networkers are more successful in business and in life. Yet many of us fear it or misunderstand the process. These are human connections. You are helping each other.

Tip 1. Learn how to network

Think about what you need to learn from your networking efforts. You’ll need job search focus and goals to guide your networking to achieve success.

Here is a ‘cheat sheet’ of categories to start – build your own list from it:

  1. Reconnecting – with people you value but have not connected with lately
  2. Professional groups’ meetings – such as: national/local groups

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How Military Women Find Job Search Success

USMC WWIIMilitary women transitioning to the civilian world over the past decade have had higher rates of unemployment than men. What can you do to make sure you find the right cleared job and succeed?

1. Take advantage of every transition program offered.

Research shows that those who start the job search at least six months before they leave active duty are most likely to move into jobs they want. There are several aspects of this you should pay attention to.

  1. Learn civilian language and expectations. You learned military lingo quickly when you joined the service. Now you need to do the same for the cleared civilian world. Learn the

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How to Fail Your Military Transition

Where does your military transition leadWant to ensure you have trouble finding a civilian job? Looking forward to months without a job? Ready to go through 3-4 job searches in your first few years after the military?

Probably NOT!  But those problems are quite common.

Failure 1: Defining a Specific Career/Job You Want

I see comments like this regularly in many LinkedIn military transition groups:

“We (military) can do anything. All we need need is the opportunity.”

“Employers ignore my military work just because I don’t meet their requirements, but I can do any job.”

Many of the transitioning military I talk with and whose resumes I review say something…

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3 Tips for Effective References

“We had two top candidates for a senior job. One whose references were glowing and one whose took forever to respond and then barely remembered the person.

- HR Executive.

“I can always find ways to get references to tell me a lot about the person I am checking on.”

- top Corporate Recruiter

“If all his references hide behind ‘policy’, we keep asking for more but I also start to think the candidate has issues.”

- Program Manager

ReferencesIf you want references that help you get your next cleared job, you need to be proactive.

Top Tips

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Cleared Salaries, Budget Cuts and Reality

Scene from a recruiting analytics presentation: The defense contracting client had several cleared vacancies but could not fill them. Data analysis showed that the firm’s salary was $30,000 lower than what people who met the requirements were making. The Program Manager rejected any higher compensation and said “cut the years required from 10-12 down to 2-4″. The company filled all its cleared openings within a few weeks.

Cleared salaries budget cuts and realityWhy would an experienced PM do this? How could he expect to do the job with so much less experience on the team? Simple answer – he wanted to keep the contract.

The impact of sequestration and budget cuts has been especially noticeable…

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