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Defense and Intel Contracting Are Evolving, Are You

Government contracting work has changed. The huge boom in employment over the past decade in intel, in supporting two wars, and in increased outsourcing has turned. The past two years have seen big cutbacks across the landscape. With the focus on cutting the budget that will continue.

Many people are looking and waiting and discouraged. You can be that guy or you can try some new things. You know the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

Option 1. Reboot your job search

Far too many people got used to depending simply on their security clearances to get a job in the days…

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Does Your Resume #Fail

The crowd was great at the most recent Cleared Job Fair Resume Reviews. Patient, positive, networking while waiting. And most even followed the written instructions. So I saw a lot of resumes full of editing done while waiting. All good.

But the most common problems remain just that.

#1: A resume full of job descriptions but few or no achievements.

Hiring managers do not care what you were supposed to do. What they want to see is a record of achievements that are relevant to the work they need done.

So think of your successes and create bullet points that show the Situation or Task, your Actions, and the Results…

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Leaving Active Duty? Smart Steps While Still Serving

Transitioning military personnel often wait too long to start their career transition process. Some choose to completely avoid planning for job search but expect it will be easy to find a job. Even when you are in the midst of your current assignment, there are steps you can take to ease your transition and start your preparation for your next career adventure.

Start with the transition programs available to you in person or electronically. These are often dense with information and you may need to take more than one option to get all the details you need.

Build a plan – smart folks start 8-12 months before they intend to…

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3 Networking Success Tips

You can hardly open your browser or a business publication without seeing something about networking. Why? Studies show regular networkers are more successful in business and in life. True for introverts and extroverts incidentally.

Tip 1. Learn how to network

Don’t bother with random events or big ‘networking’ ones. Think about what you want to get from your networking efforts and how they relate to your job search and future success. Look at what you have done in the past. What has been most effective? Less so? What else do you need to do? Where and how?

Here is a ‘cheat sheet’ of categories – build your list from it

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Smart and Senior – Job Search Tips

Every job fair in the past 18 months which I have attended or heard of has had more senior-level people attending. So your ‘competition’ is increasing. What should you do?

Tip 1.  It’s who knows you, not just who you know.

You need to involve your current network effectively, of course. But now is also the time to expand it. Go for quality, not quantity! Connect via professional groups you belong. Add in LinkedIn or Twitter to increase your reach and to show you are using current tools.

Networking is the most common way anyone with extensive experience – and all of us on the north side of 35 – get

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