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Is It Time to Reboot Your Job Search or Your Career

Reboot your careerAre you feeling stuck at work? Is your search taking far longer than you expected? Have you missed promotions or pay increases? Lost more than you can recoup holding out for the perfect paycheck? For at least two decades I have regularly talked with people who were unemployed for months longer than they expected and with those who wanted a new job, but….These are tough situations to be in for anyone.

These people were competent and had the performance reviews and references to prove it. Many thought they would have a new job with only a couple of phone calls because they had not had to do much searching in…

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3 Tips to Improve Your Resume Now

Patra Frame reviewing resumes

Patra enjoying resume reviews.

What were the top three take-aways from the resume reviews at recent ClearedJobs.Net Cleared Job Fairs?

Tip 1: Get Critical Info Right Up Top

The top third of the first page is ‘ golden’  space to sell yourself so a hiring manager or recruiter will look at your resume more fully and contact you. Yet many cleared resumes buried security clearances, PMP certification, and other vital information deep within the resume. Far too many led off with a self-focused objective, instead of highlighting relevant experience and achievements in a short Professional Summary.

Put your security clearance at the top along with…

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Fix These 3 Errors to Improve Your Cleared Resume

3 Cleared Resume ErrorsAll resumes are basically an ad for you. Take a look at advertisements in your field or for consumers – note how they are trying to capture attention with short, active words and clear presentation.

Your cleared resume needs to capture attention like a great ad and show you as the best match for the job you want. Thus it needs to be tailored for the field and company and job. Use your past achievements as they relate to your future work goals – and skip all the other stuff you have done.

Error 1: Resume Length

Right now there is a lot of push for the one-page resume and…

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How to Handle Employment Gaps

Employment GapsOnce upon a time, the main employment gaps were among mothers returning to the work force. But now, such gaps are fairly common. More men are taking on family care, middle career people and retiring military are taking sabbaticals, it’s not as easy to roll from one contract to another as it used to be, and all ages are going to school or battling unemployment.

Employers are more willing to accept such gaps if they see an explanation and understand what you have done to maintain your skills and add new ones. Ideally you have done such things all along or have started doing them as a part of your…

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3 Marketing Tips to Successful Cleared Job Search

successful cleared job searchJob search is not a ‘fun’ project for most of us. Few people really understand that they are selling themselves. You need to look at job search as if it is a marketing plan. Because, yes, it is.

First: What are you selling to what audience

Focusing on exactly what you want to do next is a basic step in job search. Too many people just assume that if they are in job E, the next job is job F. But is that really what you want to do? Try this exercise:

  1. List the specific things you love to do most in your work and volunteer or community activities.

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