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How to Fail Your Military Transition

Where does your military transition leadWant to ensure you have trouble finding a civilian job? Looking forward to months without a job? Ready to go through 3-4 job searches in your first few years after the military?

Probably NOT!  But those problems are quite common.

Failure 1: Defining a Specific Career/Job You Want

I see comments like this regularly in many LinkedIn military transition groups:

“We (military) can do anything. All we need need is the opportunity.”

“Employers ignore my military work just because I don’t meet their requirements, but I can do any job.”

Many of the transitioning military I talk with and whose resumes I review say something…

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3 Tips for Effective References

“We had two top candidates for a senior job. One whose references were glowing and one whose took forever to respond and then barely remembered the person.

- HR Executive.

“I can always find ways to get references to tell me a lot about the person I am checking on.”

- top Corporate Recruiter

“If all his references hide behind ‘policy’, we keep asking for more but I also start to think the candidate has issues.”

- Program Manager

ReferencesIf you want references that help you get your next cleared job, you need to be proactive.

Top Tips

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Cleared Salaries, Budget Cuts and Reality

Scene from a recruiting analytics presentation: The defense contracting client had several cleared vacancies but could not fill them. Data analysis showed that the firm’s salary was $30,000 lower than what people who met the requirements were making. The Program Manager rejected any higher compensation and said “cut the years required from 10-12 down to 2-4″. The company filled all its cleared openings within a few weeks.

Cleared salaries budget cuts and realityWhy would an experienced PM do this? How could he expect to do the job with so much less experience on the team? Simple answer – he wanted to keep the contract.

The impact of sequestration and budget cuts has been especially noticeable…

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Defense and Intel Contracting Are Evolving, Are You

Government contracting work has changed. The huge boom in employment over the past decade in intel, in supporting two wars, and in increased outsourcing has turned. The past two years have seen big cutbacks across the landscape. With the focus on cutting the budget that will continue.

Many people are looking and waiting and discouraged. You can be that guy or you can try some new things. You know the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting different results.

Option 1. Reboot your job search

Far too many people got used to depending simply on their security clearances to get a job in the days…

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Does Your Resume #Fail

The crowd was great at the most recent Cleared Job Fair Resume Reviews. Patient, positive, networking while waiting. And most even followed the written instructions. So I saw a lot of resumes full of editing done while waiting. All good.

But the most common problems remain just that.

#1: A resume full of job descriptions but few or no achievements.

Hiring managers do not care what you were supposed to do. What they want to see is a record of achievements that are relevant to the work they need done.

So think of your successes and create bullet points that show the Situation or Task, your Actions, and the Results…

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