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Defense & Veterans Roundup: “Crazy” Veterans Now also White Supremacists, Seventh Living MOH Recipient Announced

F-35 Engine Cost Up, Sustainment Down

Marcus Weisgerber (@marcusreports), Defense News. In a shocking revelation this past week it was announced by the F-35 program office that the cost of the most expensive weapons system ever made had jumped in 2013 instead of going down as predicted. Okay, it’s not shocking. It’s become an annual tradition that the Program’s management office announces at the beginning of the fiscal year that a new estimated life cycle cost study has found the price of the aircraft will go down in the coming year. Then sometime about eight months later there is an announcement that unfortunately the price went up because of…

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Defense and Veterans Roundup: Coming Health Care Crisis for Injured Vets, Marine Gets too Expeditionary

Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Barrett: Less Pay Raises Discipline

Leo Shane (@LeoShane), Military Times. The Washington Post has a regular feature naming who had the worst week in Washington each Friday. In the military, that honor easily goes to the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Sgt. Maj. Michael Barrett. During testimony before a panel of the Senate Armed Services on Wednesday with his fellow senior enlisted leaders of the military services, Barrett stepped into a mess when answering whether rank and file Marines were concerned about potential benefits changes and whether it would hurt morale. Barrett replied that when he talked to Marines they just wanted…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Second Shooting at Ft. Hood, Link Between PTSD and Media Frenzies

Two Keys to the Future: 3-D Printing and Employing Veterans

Catherine Cheney (@catherinecheney), NationSwell. Over the last two weeks, an unusual storefront has popped-up in DC on Connecticut Avenue as the Garages Powered by GE hosted a hands-on high tech lab right here in town. Last Monday, GE hosted a Military Monday series of events that brought local veterans and those who support them over to see for themselves what modern Advanced Manufacturing has to offer as a career today. NationSwell and others chatted with GE’s Seth Bodnar and the Manufacturing Institute’s Jennifer McNelly about why veterans are a great fit for manufacturing and how the Get Skills to Work…

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Defense & Veterans Roundup: Women Entrepreneurs on the Battlefield and in the Board Room, Changes Coming for Commissaries

A Legacy of Pride and Pain

Rajiv Chandrasekaran (@rajivwashpost), Washington Post. The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a poll of 819 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to gauge their views on their military service and the issues they are wrestling with today. It’s proven to be a very revealing poll and will be turned into a multi-part series of stories and multimedia products for the Post. The first story examines the general feelings and issues that today’s veterans have towards their service and their transitions home. The amount of good information in this story demands you’ll have to read it for yourself but some key points show that…

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Defense and Veterans Roundup: Unemployment Numbers, Electronic Health Records, Budgets and Some Actual Good News

Gen. Sinclair Gets Reprimand, Must Forfeit Some Pay in Army Sex Case

David Zucchino, L.A. Times. A long and contentious legal battle including the incredibly rare prosecution of an Army general officer for sexual assault ended with a whimper this week as Brigadier General Jeffrey Sinclair cut a plea deal and was sentenced to forfeit $20,000 in pay, restitution of $4,100 that was misspent on his government charge card in support of his multi-year affair with a subordinate, and a letter of reprimand. For perspective, the pay forfeit is spread over four months so as a general officer with 28 years of service he will lose approximately 35% of his…

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