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What You Can Do About The Winter of the Cleared Job Market

Derek Zeller’s “Winter I$ Coming” outlined an increasingly bleak landscape for the cleared professional in today’s federal market. After years of growth and relative prosperity, the cleared job market has begun to contract. In Game of Thrones it was said that “a long summer always meant a long winter to come.” In a similar fashion, the ongoing adjustment in the cleared community is likely to last quite a while.

The push for fiscal austerity has hit hard and its drivers show no signs of waning. Annual federal IT spending is projected to drop from its current level of $112.5 billion to $102.1 billion by 2018.1 Sequestration is a significant culprit,…

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The Importance of Certifications for Cleared Job Seekers

Federal procurements, including those in the Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) landscapes, are increasingly calling out specific Information Technology (IT) certifications as requirements for personnel. While these certifications shouldn’t take the place of experience as an evaluation tool, they simplify the vetting process for United States Government (USG) customers so it’s not likely to be a diminishing trend.

The complex world of IT is trending increasingly towards specialization, making it difficult and costly to certify in a broad range of disciplines. For early career candidates the basics still hold value, primarily as foundations for next steps. A+, Network+, Security+, and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) designations are solid…

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