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How to Fail Your Military Transition

Where does your military transition leadWant to ensure you have trouble finding a civilian job? Looking forward to months without a job? Ready to go through 3-4 job searches in your first few years after the military?

Probably NOT!  But those problems are quite common.

Failure 1: Defining a Specific Career/Job You Want

I see comments like this regularly in many LinkedIn military transition groups:

“We (military) can do anything. All we need need is the opportunity.”

“Employers ignore my military work just because I don’t meet their requirements, but I can do any job.”

Many of the transitioning military I talk with and whose resumes I review say something…

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CyberMaryland, Veterans and Cybersecurity Worforce Challenges

Jeffrey WellsEach day we hear of new cyber attacks on companies, individuals and government agencies. This ongoing cyber battle and the workforce challenges it creates will be the focus of the CyberMaryland conference, October 29 and 30 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

As a veteran-owned company with extensive ties to the local military transition community, ClearedJobs.Net has been selected as the recruiting partner for CyberMaryland. We’ll be hosting a Cyber Job Fair for both cleared and non-cleared cybersecurity positions on the first day of CyberMaryland.

Deciphering the Cybersecurity Workforce Challenge

Over the next several months we’ll be deciphering the cyber workforce challenge through interviews with recruiters and program managers specifically…

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Two Sessions for Transitioning Military

Military Appreciation Month is upon us.

If you’re in the DC area, two military transition programs you want to participate in are May 8 in Crystal City, Va.

AFCEA Nova Military Transition Seminar Breakfast

The SI networking with transition military at AFCEA Nova Transition Seminar BreakfastTransitioning Military are invited to attend this breakfast meeting at the DoubleTree Crystal City. You’ll hear from others who have already made the military to civilian transition, as well as network with recruiters and hiring managers from sponsoring companies.

Eat a great breakfast, enjoy the beautiful view of Washington from the top of the hotel, and propel your transition forward. Register for the Military Government Career Transition Seminar

Cleared Job Fair Interactive Transition Discussion


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Focus Your Military Transition for a Successful Job Search

We’ve done so much, with so little, for so long, that we can do anything, with nothing, forever.

This phrase highlights the strength of the current military member, and at the same time, the weakness of the veteran job seeker.

Swiss Army Knife, transitioning militaryOne of the biggest issues transitioning veterans face as they prepare to move on from military service is the “jack of all trades” hurdle. Although we pride ourselves on being able to accomplish any task given to us, we quickly discover that there are no listings on job boards for the position of “Swiss Army Knife.”

Yet if there isn’t a market for this why do so many veterans end…

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When Should My Resume Be Longer than Two Pages

How long should your resume be if you have 20+ years experience?

It depends on the position you’re applying for.

And it’s definitely a personal preference for a recruiter as to how many pages a resume should have. Different recruiters like different things. That’s true in all aspects of your job search.

The key questions:

  1. Are you communicating your work achievements that are relevant to the job description?
  2. Do you meet the requirements of the job description?

Those two questions should be your main concern. And for most positions and most cleared job seekers, that should be accomplished in two pages.

However, if the contract requires me to…

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